Hair loss

It is temporary if it is due to chemotherapy: hair regrowth after treatment ends.
An alopecia can be definitive if it is caused by radiotherapy.
It sometimes appears very brutally, the fall can take place in one night!

No curative treatment, but especially prevention during chemotherapy sessions.

Practical advice:
It is advisable to get cut short hair before starting treatment, to reduce the volume of hair that may fall and avoid too violent physical change, and also to be able to protect them more easily.
Take care of the hair: choose a soft shampoo, avoid coloring, choose a soft brush...
Intakes in cystine, vitamin B6, zinc and iron are essential in case of deficiency and will allow a better hair repellent.
The accessories also have a role to play: scarf, hat, capillary prostheses (refundable by health insurance).

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Complete alopecia or very significant hair loss.Soothes the discomfort of itching during hair loss and regrows hair. Stimulates the scalp and provides the nutrients necessary for the life of the hair.Reconciling treatment.Validated in pregnant women.Made in France.

Price €22.60