Asthenia is a major and constant adverse effect of cancer and its treatments.More commonly known as fatigue, it is a state that is manifested by a difficulty in maintaining intellectual activity and doing physical efforts during the day.
During chemotherapy or cancer treatment, fatigue is significantly higher.

* phytotherapy:
Acerola 1 or 2 tablets in the morning (Warning vitamin C is an antioxidant, its use is controversial).
WARNING Ginseng, Guarana!Many interactions with chemotherapy so do not advise PENDANT but rather APRES.
* aromatherapy: Poivrée Mint Essential Oil + Ravintsara Essential Oil.1 drop of each 3 times a day by mouth.
A synergistic mix is also available based on peppermint, black pine, sylvestre Pin, Basilic and Argan vegetable oil.To use 4 drops in massage in the bottom of the back in the evening.
* food supplements used to redo the energy cycle.

Practical advice:
• Plan rest time in day and week.
• Delegate difficult spots or split them in the week.
• Sleep enough at night.
• Make a short nap after lunch in the afternoon.
• Keep a physical activity regularly to the extent possible.
• Take vitamin C-rich foods such as kiwis, blackcurrant, yellow peppers, oranges...
And above all, do not feel guilty of being tired.

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