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First of all, know that we are, before being a site on the internet, real health professionals in France, practicing in a dispensary pharmacy in the magnificent Vosges department. (Besides, I invite you to discover it during your holidays, you will be very well received there).

You therefore have to deal with authentic qualified health professionals, who are at your disposal to provide you with the advice you may need during your purchase process (choice, need, availability, etc.).

On our site, we have chosen not to sell any medication online, even if the legislation authorizes us to do so. This is for the simple reason that we consider it preferable to preserve for these particular products the security of delivery at the counter of a physical pharmacy, with the removal of any contraindications, which a website does not yet allow us to do the same.

On our site pharmacievosgienne.com, we will find food supplements, parapharmacy, veterinary products and “small” medical equipment, such as cane tips or tests for example.
Are you looking to improve your health and well-being? You are in the right place ! You can make your choice in peace from our range of proposals and then validate it with our wide choice of payment methods. Adapting as closely as possible to each situation and preference (regardless of your country of residence). Obviously, all secure payment methods comply with the latest standards.

We are also always researching and optimizing our modes of transport. We are well aware that you are looking for the best speed / price ratio. This is why we have a wide choice of carriers, with delivery methods at a relay point or at home with more or less fast and more or less economical delivery times, in order to cover your preferences.
And we offer shipping to many countries around the world.

And now we invite you to understand our website in more detail pharmacievosgienne.com

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But ultimately, why order from us rather than elsewhere ?
+ The quality of our customer service: we try to offer an excellent customer experience, this is essential for us and for you.

The variety of your offer: our online pharmacy offers a wide range of quality products from reputable manufacturers in their fields.

+ The speed of delivery: we offer very fast to very economical delivery, depending on the place of delivery. If you appreciate fast deliveries, you can choose it.

+ Promotions and special offers: we regularly offer promotions and special offers (free shipping, etc.).

Security and confidentiality: guaranteeing the security of customer data and the confidentiality of their personal information is essential for us. This is why we have implemented effective security and confidentiality measures.

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Our team answers you from Tuesday to Friday on the phone and by email as soon as possible, however, we are human and also need to sleep sometimes. Forgive us in advance for not responding to your message within the hour.

Beware of sites that appear to be the “official” sites, regardless of the type of site. Sometimes it is none of that. For the record, one of our suppliers with whom we work recently explained to us that the site which we thought was theirs, was in fact that of one of their clients who had purchased the use of the mark for a sales site in France on the Internet, but domiciled abroad.

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Our choice of products.
We are a Pharmacy and have the possibility of selling drugs online, but considering that this is more of a one-time necessity product for a specific problem with an immediate resolution, we prefer them reserved for their exclusive sale in our pharmacy.
But don't worry, a Pharmacy doesn't just sell drugs, and we offer you a huge choice of products:

+ food supplements:
Are you looking for dietary supplements to boost your energy, strengthen your immunity or improve your well-being ?
Discover our wide range of dietary supplements that offers you a wide variety of products to meet all your health and nutrition needs.
We have chosen food supplements formulated with natural and safe ingredients, and have been tested for their effectiveness.
Whether you're looking for vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants or weight loss products, you'll find everything you need on our site. Our team of nutrition experts is available to advise you on the products best suited to your needs.
It is important to note that dietary supplements are not regulated in the same way as drugs by health authorities. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult a healthcare professional before beginning to take dietary supplements, especially if you are already taking medication or have any pre-existing health conditions.

With our site for the sale of dietary supplements, you, who are looking to improve your health and well-being with natural products, can be sure to find top quality products at competitive prices.

Our food supplements are classified by indications:
Form & Defenses of the Organism: Stimulate the immune defenses to pass the winter season without problems.
Nose, Throat, Ears and Bronchi: Improve the ENT and pulmonary sphere. Allergy - ENT Sphere - Throat - Cough
Stress, Relaxation and Sleep: To calm stress, relax, unwind and improve sleep
Memory & Concentration: To improve memory and concentration. For an exam for example
Headaches and Dizziness: To help relieve headaches
Digestive Problems: To improve digestion and detoxify the body
Transit Issues: To improve transit following a problem of diarrhea or constipation
Drainage and Detoxification: Drainage and detoxification to eliminate toxins from the body
Slimming: Locally in massage or orally, discover our slimming offer.
Outdoor Activities: Sport, leisure and vacation.
Joint Pain and Osteoarthritis.
Muscle aches: Muscle preparation for effort - Muscle relaxant - Cramps.
Bone Health: Helps maintain normal bones
Heart and Arteries: For the well-being of the Heart and its arteries
Circulation, Heavy Legs and Hemorrhoids.
Urinary Tree: To improve urinary discomfort
Women's well-being: Wellness products specifically for women
Sexuality: To improve your sexuality and pleasure.
The eyes: For eye comfort: moisturizers and dietary supplements to protect the eyes
Oral Labial Problems: Oral care: Canker sores, cold sores, toothaches and sore throats
Well Being, Care during Anticancer Therapies: The side effects of cancer therapies can be limited or avoided with curative and preventive treatments and practical advice

from the parapharmacy:
Are you looking for quality care products to take care of your health and beauty? Do not search anymore ! Our range of parapharmacy is there to meet all your expectations.
We offer you a wide range of care products for all needs, from beauty products to baby products and hygiene products:
Body and intimate hygiene: make-up remover, toothpaste, deodorant, shower gel, intimate cleansing gel, soap, shampoo, mouthwash..
Face Beauty: Serum, Elixir, Moisturizer, Anti-wrinkle, beauty mask, lip balm, floral water...
Body Beauty: Protection and repair of your body.
Hair: With tips for beautiful hair.
Makeup: Concealer, eyeliner, blush, foundation, kohl, mascara, powder, lipstick, nail polish..
Maternity and childcare: Care for future or young mothers and babies.
For the holidays: solar and other essential products.
Accessories: Cutlery and various accessories
The perfume shop: Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and Perfume.
Confectionery: Pleasure, refreshing... Candies can be hard, soft, sugar-free (good for the teeth), sweet.

We work with the biggest brands to offer you quality products at competitive prices.

Our team of healthcare professionals is on hand to help you find the products best suited to your needs. We also offer tips and tricks for optimal use of our products.

  Medical equipment:
Are you looking for medical equipment to take care of your health or that of your loved ones? Do not search anymore ! Our medical equipment sales site is there to meet all your expectations.
We offer a wide range of quality products to meet all needs (medical equipment, accessories and tests):
Diagnostic: To make your own diagnosis, at home.
Battery: For blood glucose devices, remote control, cameras, hearing aids...
Pillboxes: Daily and weekly pill dispensers, as well as crushers and pill cutters. All our pillboxes are marked in French.
Small Accessory: Small accessories useful for everyday life.
Solutions for Diabetics: Range of products and services for people with diabetes.
Jelly Water: Water jelly for swallowing problems.
Gloves: Gloves for protection.
Walking Sticks: Accessories for walking sticks.
SHH Therapeutic Shoes: CHUT shoes are recognized medical devices of interest to public health.
Insoles and Heels: To unload body support.
Glassware: Bottles, roll on, stick for inhalation...
Minor Traumas - First Emergencies.

Whether it's to monitor your blood pressure, measure your glucose level, take care of your back or relieve your muscle pain. We work with the biggest brands to offer you quality products at competitive prices.

Our team of healthcare professionals is on hand to help you find the products best suited to your needs. We also offer tips and tricks for optimal use of our products.

+ Organic, Vegan and natural products:
Are you looking for healthy and natural products? Discover our online sales site for food supplements and organic, vegan and natural products! We offer a full range of products, ranging from cosmetics to food products to household products:
Organic & Vegan Hygiene: Daily hygiene.
Organic and Vegan Cosmetics.
Organic and Vegan Makeup.
Infants and Children in Organic and Vegan.
Organic and Vegan Food Supplements
Essential oils.
Vegetal oils.
Bach flowers.

These products are made from natural and organic ingredients, without additives or chemicals. We are also proud to offer vegan products, which means that all of these products are free from animal exploitation. Make a responsible choice for your health and for the planet by ordering on our online sales site for organic, vegan and natural products now.

  + our range of cosmetics:
We also have own brand: DREAM, the registered trademark of our pharmacy and which offers a wide range of products to meet all your needs, whether to improve your energy, strengthen your immune system, promote digestion or sleep, for example, as well as a range -being, beauty and dermatology.

  + veterinary products:
Take care of your pet with our online sales site for quality veterinary products. We offer a wide selection of products for the health and well-being of your pet:
External Pest Control: It is necessary to treat the animal but also its environment to effectively fight against fleas and ticks.
Dewormers: To treat dogs and cats against worms we offer a variety of effective products, easy to administer depending on the age and size of your animal.
Dermatology: For your pet's skin problems
Digestive disorders: Vomiting, constipation or diarrhea are classic signs of digestive problems.
Hygiene & Care: The beauty of the coat. Eye care.
Mobility: Joint mobility, foot pads, osteoarthritis make joint degradation inevitable over time.
Behavior: To regulate and calm your pet's behavior.
Vitality: The "household ration", i.e. homemade food, is still often the mode of feeding used by households for dogs and cats.

With competitive prices and fast delivery, you can order all the products your pet needs with just a few clicks. Trust our expertise in animal health care and order now from our online pharmacy selling veterinary products.

Our catalog of products comes from major brands and laboratories of French and international Pharmacy among which:
ADP Laboratory, , Apipharma, , Apurna, , Aquaromat, , Arkopharma, , Bausch & Lomb, , BeauTerra, , Biocanina, , Biogaran, , Biosynex, , Bodyguard, , Boiron, , BONYPlus, , Claude GALIEN, , Clearblue, , Coloplast, , Cooper, , Corega, , DASTRI, , Delical, , Dodie, , DREAM, , Ducray, , Duracell; ; Elmex, , EQ, , Eric FAVRE, , Estipharm, , Evolupharm et Evoluplus, , FAMADEM - FLEURS DE BACH, , FeetPAD, , Fluocaril, , Gifrer, , Gilbert, , Gum, , Horizane, , Horus Pharma, , Hydralin, , Inava, , KRKA, , L'Action, , Laboratoires de Biarritz, , Laino, , Laudavie, , Léro, , LPMF, , Luc et Léa, , MAM, , Manix, , Marque Verte, , Mavala, , Meridol, , Moustikologne, , Mustela, , MyLife, , Nepenthes, , Nutergia, , Nutriben, , Olisma, , Oral B, , Orliman, , Oronero, , Parodontax, , Parogencyl, , Polidis, , Protex, , Puressentiel, , Quies, , Renata, , S.I.D. Nutrition, , Saforelle, , Sigvaris, , Sirea, , STRAP4U, , Sucrettes, , Thuasne, , TRADIPHAR, , Urgo, , Uriage, , Valda, , Vichy, , Visiomed.
And many more just waiting for you...
For you no bad surprise: no counterfeit, our products come from the manufacturer.

Order now and enjoy fast, reliable delivery of our products directly to your home.

Our product sheets:
Our website is an online sales portal where you can buy products to improve your health and well-being. We made it ourselves and no one imposes its content on us.
We also provide detailed product information, including ingredients, benefits, dosages, and potential side effects. Including their dosages: personalized recommendations based on age, gender, weight and your general health.
You can also find presentation videos in many product sheets. We add more regularly.
We also display our available stock and if the product is out of stock, the average delivery time after your order.

Because we like to share our expertise, and our experience (we have personally tested a certain number of the references that we sell) we have created a blog that we regularly feed with subjects that we think are relevant.
We also have a Vlog, with product feedback from some of our customers and interviews with specialists in their fields.
If you are interested in a particular subject and would like to see us cover it, in one format or another, do not hesitate to leave us suggestions, we look forward to reading them.

We apply the principle of online commerce to internet sales:
Abolition of all acts of traditional trade and therefore costs (electricity, heating, etc.), which are not essential for the proper distribution of products.
+ a website set up and managed by us, without going through an agency.
+ no announcement effect on prices after increasing the old assets.
No paid advertising on online "price comparators", which in addition is prohibited by our Pharmacy status.
Delivery costs calculated on the total of the order, thus avoiding paying them on each product ordered.
This gives competitive low prices that cannot be applied in a traditional trade.

Preparation of your order and transport.
We take particular care in the preparation of your package, and make every effort to ensure that your products arrive in perfect condition, despite the vagaries of transport.
We prepare the packages in the same way as if we were the recipients. We also do our best to ensure that your order is prepared and shipped as quickly as possible, because we know that you can't wait to receive it.

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