Toothpaste with fluoride of olafluor amins.Denuded and hypersensitivity dental collars.Prevention of caries.

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As a result of age, our gums retract, which denys dental sticks.In the absence of gum protection and enamel, the dental glut is sensitive to external stimuli and is subject to the dentin carie.

The Elmex SENSITIVE toothpaste has been specifically developed for the care of sensitive teeth and the protection of denuded dental sticks.The fluoride of Olafluor amins, an active principle that enters into its composition forms a protective film on toothin, which protects from certain painful stimuli.This action is perfectly compatible with the specific abrasive of this toothpaste.Olafluor amin fluoride also promotes the prevention of glute carie.The Elmex SENSITIVE toothpaste gently cleanses thanks to its specific abrasive agent, which does not erode the dental glut.

Used daily, the elmex SENSITIVE toothpaste, the elmex SENSITIVE dental solution and the elmex SENSITIVE toothbrush combine to form an effective cleaning and protective system.

If a tree loses its bark, it is weakened.The exact same is true for the teeth: if the dental glut is denuded, they are subject to the carie of the glut.

Gently cleanses, isolates teeth from external aggressions and helps maintain the integrity of dental tissue, cement and dentin, pH 5.

Persons concerned:
People with denuded and hypersensitivity dental collets.
Dental hygiene.
Dental sensitivities, denuded sticks.
Prevention of caries.

Principal benefits:
Promotes the prevention of glut caries and helps reduce dental sensitivity.

Fluoro content: 1400 ppm.

Precautions of employment:
Child under 6 years of age.
In case of fluoride intake from other sources, consult a dentist or doctor.
For children:
Use a quantity of the size of a small peas under adult supervision to minimize ingestion.

Gaba - 2 tubes in a carton case.

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