The meridol mouth bath is alcohol-free and ready to use for daily oral hygiene, which completes a daily brushing of teeth.People with fragile gums, people doing a lot of dental plaque.

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The meridol mouth bath is alcohol-free and ready to use for daily oral hygiene, which completes a daily brushing of teeth.Do not replace the brushing of teeth.

The unique combination of Olafluor amin fluoride and tin fluoride that enters its composition helps to reduce bacteria responsible for gum problems and thus promotes the recovery of a healthy oral flora.The meridol mouth bath in addition to the brushing of the teeth after each meal, helps to reduce the dental plate and limits its reformation, thus promoting the protection of the gums.

It is alcohol-free and is particularly suitable for people with dental or bridge devices.Clinical studies have shown that the combined use of meridol toothpaste and meridol mouth bath enhances action on irritated gums.

Amin fluoride and tin fluoride association.
Anti-plaque, anti-inflammatory, anti-cary, anti-save.
Protects and regenerates ginger tissue.
Mint aroma - anis - eucalyptus.
Alcohol-free solution, ready to use.
Without rinsing, pH 4.2.
Packaging: plastic bottle with dose cap.

Help reduce dental plaque.
Promotes protection of gums (prevention and treatment of gingivites, gingival bleeding, sensitive gums, gingival pain).

Instructions for use:
One to two times a day after brushing teeth.
It is recommended to brush your teeth after each meal and consult a dentist regularly.

Fluoride of olafluorinamines 125 ppm F, tin fluoride 125 ppm F, water, alcohol, xylitol, hydrogenated crecin oil, PEG-40, aroma, K acesulfame, CI 42051, excipients qsp 100%.
INCI formula: Aqua, alcohol, xylitol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, olafluor, Stannous fluoride, Aroma, acesulfame, CI 42051.

Precautions of employment:
Carefully close the bottle after use.
Keep the bottle away from light and heat.
Contains a fluorinated derivative.
Don't swallow.

Against indications:
Child under 6 years of age.

Gaba - 1 mouth bath of 400 ml.

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