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Antipuce larvicide and adulteicide, anti tick and lice for cat and dog.
Treat the animal and the house.

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Antipuce larvicide and adulteicide, anti tick and lice for cat and dog..
Treat the animal and the house.

Tetramethrin, a pyrethrinoid family molecule, is characterized by its insecticide and acaricide activity.The molecule acts by contact, blocking the transmission of nerve insects.These effects are attributed to variations in membrane permeability of axones, sodium ions and potassium.

Treatment of infestations by chips, lice and ticks for dog and cat.

Instructions for use:
External use.
Use about 1.5 ml of shampoo per kg of body weight (i.e. 1.5 mg of tetramethrin per kg) corresponding to about 25 ml of shampoo for an animal of 15 kg.
Fully wet the animal with warm water.Apply shampoo on the back and neck while taking care to avoid the eyes.Friction energeticly by adding water if necessary, to obtain a plentiful foam to spread over the entire body of the animal.
Leave to act 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.Repeat the treatment twice a week if necessary.

In case of massive infestation, make a pest control shampoo to your dog or cat and apply the spot-on 48 hours later.

Tetramethrin: 1.0 mg
Excipient qsp 1 ml.

Contraindications, adverse effects and drug interactions:
*Undesirable effects were observed in both species-cibles, mostly in cats: nervous symptoms pincipally (lethargy, ataxia, earthquakes or even convulsions), as well as digestive (vomissements, diarrhea) associated with or not anorexia.Treatment is symptomatic.
*Do not use in sick or convalescent animals or with widespread skin lesions.
*Do not simultaneously use other pyrethroid family insecticides.

Special Warnings - Specific Precautions of Employment in Animals
* Avoid contact with the animal’s eyes or mouth.In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water.
*Do not use in kittens less than 2 months.

Specific information to be taken by the person administering the drug
*Wash your hands after use.
*Do not smoke, drink or eat during the application.
* Avoid contact with the eyes.In case of accidental exposure with the eyes, rinse with water carefully.In case of persistent irritation, consult a doctor.
* Keep away from food and beverages, including those for animals.

Other precautions
*Tetramethrin can have a toxic effect on aquatic organisms.Do not let dogs bathe in water courses in the days following the application of the product.
* Use in case of gravidity or lactation: do not use in the gesting or breastfeeding female.

Biocanina - 1 bottle of 200 ml.


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